No Tax credit on Cigarette sold Interstate

Categories : Indirect Tax
Entry No Description of goods Non-Entitlement of tax credit whether whole or partial Restriction and conditions if any “3 Cigarette made from Tobacco Whole of tax The input tax credit shall be reduced when the goods are sold/resold in the course of interstate trade and commerce Source: More

Steps for Curbing Volatility in Commodities Derivatives Markets

Categories : SEBI
In accordance with Central government notifications F. No. 1/9/SM/2015 S.O. 2362 (E) and F. No. 1/9/SM/2015 S.O. 2363 (E) dated August 28, 2015, SEBI had commenced regulating the commodity derivatives market under Securities Contracts Regulation Act (SCRA) 1956 with effect from 28th September, 2015. With a view to curb the...Read More

Central Registration Centre for Approval of Name

Categories : Companies Act,2013
Ministry of Corporate Affairs sets up Central Registration Centre (CRC) on Republic Day The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has taken the initiative in Government Process Re-engineering (GPR) and launched the Central Registration Centre (CRC), on the occasion of Republic Day 2016, with the specific objective of providing speedy incorporation related...Read More

Women can be ‘karta’ of a Hindu Undivided Family: A landmark Ruling, Delhi High Court

Categories : Current Affairs
A recent landmark judgment by Delhi High Court held that the eldest woman of a Hindu Undivided Family can be its ‘Karta’, a term which denotes the managership of an HUF. The issue to be decided by the Court was whether the plaintiff, Mrs. Sujata Sharma, who was the first...Read More

Import of foreign exchange into India

Categories : RBI
Foreign Exchange Management (Export and import of currency) Regulations, 2015 RBI vide FEMA NOTIFICATION NO 6 /RB-2015, Dated: December 29, 2015 notified that, A person may - a) send into India without limit foreign exchange in any form other than currency notes, bank notes and travelers cheques; b) bring into...Read More
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